About Us

Who are we?

Inkmythoughts is a Parallel creative world that aspires to make the creative rains to sprinkle on all without any constraints of time place and platform. We have made an effort to make art in all forms rampant. We wish that everyone Inks his/her thoughts and shares it on an open platform to encourage those are hesitant to share their creative arts. We are, just like you, a group of commoners with an extraordinary gift to appreciate art and indulge in it.

What do we wish to do?

On the days, when you have been triumphant and have nothing more to do but still there is time left in your day when you have nothing in mind, when you have nothing to conquer and nothing to lose, when you don’t want to be anyone or may be everyone. That’s the time, when we creep into you. We are your imagination. We are your fantasy. We are your creativity. We are your thoughts.

We are here because, you wanted us to be here, somewhere in your subconscious. We are you and you become us!

So our platform is yours and your thoughts are ours, you ink it down and you can say they are my thoughts.

And when you start giving your imaginations a form, then we come into being. We start to take a form, a form that represents a formless you, a form that you have just imagined about - A form of your creativity. We start inking you.

Who can join us and how?

If you are a living being with creative bend of mind, you can join us simply by signing up for free! We have no expectation except that you follow the code of ethics while being our members.

Who are the faces and minds behind Inkmythoughts?

Core Team:

1. Abhishek: I am a business analyst by profession but from heart I am a writer, poet, composer and lyricist. I always wanted to pursue my dream of art. Of being able to wake up to music and sleep with creative ideas of new stories and poems.

I met Stuti who gave me an idea about a platform on which I can showcase my creativity.

On 7th January 2015, we got inkmythoughts.com live as just my blog of poetry. After some time I asked Stuti to start sharing her artwork and henceforth a chain reaction started, of finding new talents and letting them know about this platform.

2. Stuti: From the seed sown by Abhishek, I came as a sapling, sharing my random thoughts and creative artwork on Inkmythoughts. I am for namesake, a finance professional, mostly on a hunt for giving my creative lust a legit form. I appreciate anything that is expressive of anyone’s inner self, imaginative and belongs to the parallel creative world that I chose to be a part of.

3. Shashank: Professionaly a System Analyst but poetic by nature and same by choice, as I usually say : - 

"मिसरों से भरी मेरी ज़िन्दगी, जिन्हें शेर बना देने की चाहत.. जो कभी ग़ज़ल बन जाएँ और फ़िज़ाओं में मिल जाएं.."

It was June 2015 when Inkmythoughts’ roots strengthened and grew firmer, I joined the creative budding beautiful plant and became its fruit. Its my dream and I want to live it.

4. Nawal: I am a Scorpio by zodiac and Lead Analyst by profession.

I am a good

#observer - sometimes a quiet observer sees the most, एंड

#listener - as ears will never get you into trouble ;)

Merged with Inkmythoughts family on 5th July'15 with an ambition to interact with creative world and bring out the crazy and creative me out in front of the like minded ones.


The immense support and love showered by our friends and family has helped us make our dream come true, a dream to come up with a Parallel creative world.