And here... we are parted again.
Another goodbye, just memories to sustain.
Built this bridge, from you to me.
Just to be broken, loosing all links in my chain.
And here... we are parted again.

By words unsaid, we started to talk.
No matter I was cripple, you started to walk.
And when i lost, all my hopes.
You reached out to me, without a knock.

You were there always, when times were tough.
And stood by me, when the waves were rough.
I would have gone, week in bones.
But you valued me when, I was considered a fluff.

We fought over things, not worth telling.
You listened to me, when I kept yelling.
Been angry, annoyed, I may be lurking in the dark.
You would keep an eye, and save me from felling.

There have been the times, I doubted your love.
Or maybe in arrogance, gave you a shove.
You knew me so well, I never meant it by heart.
Whatsoever I've done, you showered the love.

Now I stand, with teary eyes.
Waving I see you go, with sad goodbyes.
Not promising today, that you'll come back.
you're going away, breaking all the ties.

Going back in time, I go where it began.
Smiling and singing, where dreams were plan,
I drop a tear, on the soil of our ground.
See you sowing seed, to mark our friendship  again.

That tree now I see, has grown.
I know you aren't here, but I no more moan.
Cause I see some friendships, growing along its branch.
All to grow in trees, and be our clone.

I look at setting sun, as he feign.
If he is drowning in see, loosing all holds and chain.
I let you go, to rise again like sun.
And oh my love.... we are parted again.