The memories you give, let smiles be they.
For those who are leaving, can make them stay.
This life we got, is full of stress.
But a morning smile, can make a day.

You meet someone, and greet with frown.
All have sorrows, you make them drown.
Or add a smile, and see them high.
They jump in joy, forget their cry.
They will wait for you, all day in hope.
To forget all troubles, they cannot cope.
In this world of anger, people need a reason.
To hate someone, break strings with treason.
You can put up joy, on a face that's low.
Bring down their burden, with a smile you show.
You'll throw a smile, on people unknown.
Cause smile is contagious, has nature to be grown.
Let's forget our troubles, take out what is grey.
And smile a bit, to make a day.