Terror builds, when the world goes dark.
Fear digs deeper, to leave a stronger mark.
But looking around, in fear and terror,
I see a light, beyond the spark.
Oh! when the world goes dark.

You know your strength, when you are week.
Bravery revealed, when the chances were bleak.
Can smell a fragrance, no matter how mild,
Admiring it the most, when standing in reek.

Every grey cloud, has a silver line.
Even the darkest shade, got something to shine.
All the world maybe at war,
Every restless soul, has their shrine.

Now sitting in trees, afraid of unseen.
Start looking at skies, so calm and clean.
The starts, they look, to bring back hope,
Sudden silence of nights, seemed singing with preen.

Oh my mind is confusing, in sounds so free,
I hear the claps of river, the chirps of tree.
The hooting of stars, looking deep in my eyes.
In the horrors of blank, the melody, I see.

The codes of life, unveiling what's true.
There's always a flip, of all blacks and blue.
Its we who need to discover the side,
To look for it, we may have to skew.

So let the world be without hope.
I have planned to go above the slope.
Phobias unknown, tormented me for ever,
But today I stand, to no more elope.