Forced to play the unworthy game.
No matter how much I'm messed
how much its lame.
Participate in it, without a wish.
You win nothing, but losing a shame.
Forced to play, the unworthy game.

Ain't one's choice, to play it or not.
Condemn the game, you ought to rot.

Cause life is a race,
Move with pace.
Slow down and die.
No one listens your case.

The game that's worth, giving a shot.
Is filled already, you rarely get you spot.

Cause people aren't satisfied.
With all their lives.
With the things they achieved.
Their goals and strives.

Increasing the challenge for those in need.
For just testing their skills, quenching unending greed.

Not all get what,
They deserve a lot.
Cause of those who play.
Without a thought.

You may call me loser, or things I know I am not.
You may think I am, but I ain't no spot.

I tried to play.
With all my may.
But I know I am not
Meant to stay.

Now I go ahead, and abandon this game.
I will never be judged, I don't want the fame.

Cause I've had enough.
Of all this stuff.
I have life to live.
Ain't going on a path that's rough.