He loved her once,
Deep from his heart.
But she left him torn,
Into pieces apart.
He was just a boy,
Couldn't understand that much.
But he knows well now,
that it was just a start.
This all began,
with a song he sang.
May have not for her,
his chimes, it rang.
It was she who he saw,
dancing to his tune.
Swan in her moves,
like a moving sand dune.
The eyes were so perfect,
can dig deep in the soul.
He lost his all wisdom,
as the heart she stole.
Fingers turning into brushes,
painting art on the string.
Composing endless,
the proposal he bring.
He was up in hopes,
for a time of tomorrow.
For he was unknown,
to the fate that is to follow.
Waiting for an answer,
the answer 'yes' he know.
She turned to him,
and replied with a No.
He was bout to shatter,
in pieces countless.
It was then he realised,
its so painful and a stress.
To avoid the pain he thought,
to not to think of her.
But that made his case go worse,
with his vision going blur.
He tried not to love her,
with all his will.
But it hurt deep in so much,
he cried out in a chill.
And then he realised,
it's not possible to drop.
Once the love starts rising,
there's no way it can stop.
So he let it nurture,
in softest corner of his heart.
It grew so immense,
and he enjoyed every part.

With her love in him,
he loved every flower.
Every thorn,
every stone,
its only the love,
he used to shower.

He never felt that pain,
he never missed his love.
Cause he never let her go,
hiding her deep in his heart glove.
She is seen smiling in him,
every day and every night.
Every moment that he kiss,
in his joyful high flight.
The love he never stopped.
She may no more be in his sight.