A seed is bout to be burst,

to make way for a sapling.

It happens with everyone,

still feels as if new beginning.

I am about to be a father,

and bring someone in world.

I dream it is a daughter,

with sparkling eyes and curl.

My life has been a wheel,

turning round and round, aimless.

Got a feeling of joy,

responsibility and being, flawless.

Will try to fulfill, all her dreams,

will do what she will say.

Guard her from the evils and,

absorb that all is grey.

She will cry, when I'll hold her,

And sleep into my lap.

Cover her up, when world goes cold,

and fill in all the gap.

Be her shade, when sun spits heat,

will try to cool her off.

Wake in night, to make it sure,

in cold she may not cough.

I wish, I'll be a father,

with pride she'll say 'my dad'

And raise her in a manner,

so those with sons go mad.

In this world, full of sons,

I have seen people get slaughter.

So my God!

Its time to change.

I wish for a little daughter.