It all began with an online game,
I was really curious to know her name.

That girl was different from the rest,
I was glad that she accepted my game request.

Fortunately the game had a chatting tab,
An opportunity everyone would like to grab.

I was actually travelling and moving from station to station
And then it all began with a conversation.

We got to know a lot about each other,
We didn’t have much to bother.

She believed me to a great extent
It was quite evident from the time that she spent.

We became good friends in no time,
It was almost my bed time.

She sent me her contact detail,
I was determined that this relation should never fail.

I was curious to know the reason behind her trust and belief
Her response was simple, short and brief.

Our conversations got better day by day,
We literally forgot the game to play.

Days have passed, months have passed,
There was only one question left to be asked.

She had some family problem which she couldn’t share,
I wish i ever had a chance to solve her problem, i swear.

The conversations were falling short gradually,
I couldn’t understand what was happening actually.

Finally a day has passed without her message,
I still can’t believe how did i manage.

Days have passed without any chats, and finally one day there was a text,
She was getting married; i didn’t understand what to say next.

I could never express my feelings for her, neither did she,
I finally decided to make a plea.

All i could say was, wishing her good luck,
I didn’t want her to notice how badly i was struck.

One year has passed, i decided to wish and let her rejoice,
Wrong number....said a familiar voice.