Chirping bird's, crowing cocks.
Rising sun behind the rocks.
Time to wake-up, time for make-up.
Scuffed my teeth went through a dread up.
Spouted toothpaste, came down the face gel.
Unlatched the bucket tap, dribbled the shower hell.
It's really going to be a miserable day...
Unironed uniform, unprepared breakfast.
Departed to mount metro very fast.
Staggered and fell down the streets.
With torn pants and semi injured knees.
Went back, changed and followed the very same street.
Bit conscious reached with unhealed aforesaid knees.
It's really going to be a miserable day...
Meeting, presentation was all that's needed,
Pity on me neither of things were seeded.
Red eyes filled with anger did grew,
He threw me out infront of entire crew.
It's really now been a miserable day...
Sat down on the cubicle,
Weeping for a de-stressing jingle.
Awakened, as the alarm cried.
Stunned, to see the day dried.
Was dream of a Sunday's afternoon,
Thankful, as the miserable turned cool soon.
It's not a miserable day anymore...
Praying the day dream doesn't turn true,
Believe it's mythological and remains untrue.
- Nawal (नवल)