That Blind Boy....


I saw a child, He was blind;

His picture will always remain in my mind. 

He asked me to tell a story

And I decided to utter about nature’s glory.


I told him that up our head is the blue sky,

Which nobody can touch however high one may fly.

He asked, “What is blue?”

And I was speechless, because I had no clue.

I realised, I had said wrong words,

So I started talking about birds.

I told him how they chirp and sing

And bring symphony to everything.

I told him about the dancing bees

 And praised the beauty of selfless trees.

I talked about the flowing water of the streams

And the snowy mountains of my dreams.


I was enjoying talking about the fragrant flowers

And how trees blush after the rain showers.

For a moment I even forgot the young boy

But suddenly...

I noticed his face had turned pale, his lips were dry.

I gasped for a while and asked

“Didn’t you like my talk?”

I saw tears rolling through his innocent eyes

He asked “Is the world so beautiful, full of smiles?”


He was now weeping and questioned

“Why did God make the world so beautiful?”

“And if He had done so why did He not let me be grateful?”

He was anxious and hurt

 He was impatient and his remarks were blunt.


He then stopped for a while and asked “Can you see everything?”

I was quiet; my voice had no zeal or zing.

 I started thinking that I had unnecessarily bothered this little angel.


I decided to rectify my mistake,

I restarted saying, “Friend life is not a cake”.

I can see all the beauties of the world,

But I also have to see the result of wars, strength of sword.

I see a lot of pain and agony

And at times, nature’s tyranny.

I told him how a beautiful flower is mostly plucked by callous hands,

How birds are kept in iron strands.


He interrupted and asked, Can you see God?”

I was aghast; He had touched a distant chord.

I smiled and said, dear little friend

I can see much but there are things beyond this end.

You and I, in our ignorance are equally blind

There are mysteries that God has left us to find.

I’m fortunate that I can see the physical beauty

But to preserve and care for it is also my duty.

And O little buddy! You too are blessed

For you can love anybody without knowing how he is dressed.


I can’t see goodness for I’m blinded with greed,

But your pure soul doesn’t know how to cheat.

God definitely loved you more that He made you physically blind

Because He wanted you to remain loyal, passionate, serene and kind.

You can see him better, You can feel Him much

Because his true beauty is such, that eyes can’t touch.....