There were thousands of them

Ready to crush me, defeat me,

Split me into pieces

Determined to ensure that I won’t

Ever be able to rise, get up, fight back,

Find my place and shine like sun.

They were strong and capable

Much more than what I thought

They were all together against me.


I would be lying if I say I was not scared;

Actually I was feeling awful.

All around myself I saw faces,

Grinning at my weakness, laughing at my misery.

Many of them were, once upon a time,

My well wishers, my so called friends.


I could see them clearly now.

I could not find a way to run-off.

I was surrounded all over by

Dark shadows, big pits

And my fall seemed to be sure


I cried, I wept, was not able to hold

My tears, rolling on my face

Filling those devilish pits to ensure

That I will drown soon….

…and be lost for ever.

Nobody will remember me in the days to come,

I’ll be extinct, gone forever

Without even as a small mark.

I was struggling to fight back

And defeat all those demons.

….and suddenly the thunder

And rain which were scaring me

And ready to drown me

Proved to be my friends

Because with them accompanied the lightening…

It was a streak, momentary but

Strong enough for me to see around

….and I saw what was important.



I saw that nobody could defeat me but myself.

I will lose only if I refuse to decide

To rise up,  to try and give up.

I immediately knew that I need not

Rise to defeat others but to check my own strength.

I now knew that those grinning faces

Are actually motivating me to dig into my soul

And search for the hidden strength.


I had to realise the power of the innumerable blessings

That were with me,

I knew that the path was rough and the pits were deep….

…but they were not insurmountable

They were there to challenge me 


I trembled, slipped, fell many times

But now I was sure that I’ll rise finally.

I had smelt the faith that people had in me.

I realised that I am in this situation

Because God knows that I can deal with it.

I wiped my tears and looked up.

I smiled at those surrounding me

And thanked them for helping me see within.