…..I don’t precisely remember how it was before….


 But I think that was the most pleasant darkness that I’ve been in.

It was dark but cozy there….

Though I didn’t have any friends or companions nor did I know about them, then….

But even then you were with me and since the beginning of everything, I knew this……so I never cared much…

Back then, I know, you still could hear me though I had known little about sound, music or noise….

I know, you still could see me

                            Deep down within….

         In the folds of your heart.

I know, I don’t remember anything from then

But I still know that you were conscious about all I used to do, then as well.

I was growing and developing into a being

And I know, you used to imagine me,

In a way that no one but you only would know….


…….and then when I saw the light and came out to the real world

From my world…

Into this cold but bright place,

With so many faces,

Which I knew nothing about,

And heard sounds and felt something called touch….

And experienced the first struggle of my life

…..when you too were struggling;

When both of us were in severe pain,

Both of us were lost,

When both of us were, kind of helpless

When we had partially surrendered ourselves…..

I was wondering about where I have landed

And probably you too were wondering about who is this, who has landed.



…. And I was hungry

But probably you too were hungry….to see me..

…..and now we two, who were together for all this life of mine

Had separated…..to actually meet each other

And then finally you took me into your arms and I felt, being back in my warm, old, cosy world.

I could smell you and touched you

You too smelt and touched me

And this is what they call

“the love at first sight”.



I now knew I’m perfectly where I should have been.

I don’t remember but I know it’s then, that I learnt to trust you absolutely,

For my entire life ahead

….and I learnt my first and most important lesson of loving selflessly.

…..this was the beginning of our journey ahead.

This is the beginning of our journey together,

Mummy and I.