It all began with an online game,
I was really curious to know her name.

That girl was different from the rest,
I was glad that she accepted my game request.

Fortunately the game had a chatting tab,
An opportunity everyone would like to grab.

I was actually travelling and moving from station to station
And then it all began with a conversation.

We got to know a lot about each other,
We didn’t have much to bother.

She believed me to a great extent
It was quite evident from the time that she spent.

We became good friends in no time,
It was almost my bed time.

She sent me her contact detail,
I was determined that this relation should never fail.

I was curious to know the reason behind her trust and belief
Her response was simple, short and brief.

Our conversations got better day by day,
We literally forgot the game to play.

Days have passed, months have passed,
There was only one question left to be asked.

She had some family problem which she couldn’t share,
I wish i ever had a chance to solve her problem, i swear.

The conversations were falling short gradually,
I couldn’t understand what was happening actually.

Finally a day has passed without her message,
I still can’t believe how did i manage.

Days have passed without any chats, and finally one day there was a text,
She was getting married; i didn’t understand what to say next.

I could never express my feelings for her, neither did she,
I finally decided to make a plea.

All i could say was, wishing her good luck,
I didn’t want her to notice how badly i was struck.

One year has passed, i decided to wish and let her rejoice,
Wrong number….said a familiar voice.

Longing of a nubile aged girl

What do you want from me, to take me along,
Why are you wandering and foresaking me to long,
I am all decked up, waiting for you,
Fed up of looking for your essence, in everyone I meet new.
I have enough meandered, done all the rituals they say,
You seem to be lost, somewhere on the way.
Take no more time, youth will soon be washed away,
Yearning for you to take my hand, here I will stay.
Why don’t you see, what from my life is amiss,
I am happy yet sad, seeing my friends in wedding bliss.
Oh make me take no false judgments,
I have kept my calm,
Bring me in your life soon, there is no harm.
I will be loyal, loving and end your strife.
Come! I wait eagerly to be your wife.

– Swati


We Make Friends Who Always love And Care For Us…

We Make Friends Who Are Always There For Us…

But Destiny Goes in Unexpected Way..

Which Planned To Make Us Meet In A Coincident Way..

Though I Have Always Fight With You..

Though I Have Always Been Strict To You..

Though I Have always Been Rude To You..

Though I Have Rejected You In Every Platform

But Still You Showed kindness In Every Form..

With No Reason You Supported Me In Your Own Way…

Showed Your Concern For Me In Every Way..

Which Melted My Heart And Flow In Your Friendship In All Way…

Made Me Feel I Have Been Blessed With A Precious Friend In A Coincidence Way…

Main Nanhi Chidiya..

Ess Tarah Bandha Tha Duniya kay khayal Ne..
Nanhi Chidiya Kabhi Udd Naa Paayi Apne Taal Mein..
Ess Tarah Bandha Tha Samaaj kay Reeti Riwaz Ne..
Nanhi Chidiya Faas Gyi Logo kay Soch kay Jaal Mein..
Par Aaj Main Khule Aasman Mein Saans Lena Chahti Hu..
Aazad Panchi ki Tarah Puri Duniya Mein Ghumna Chahti Hu…
Apni khwahishen ko Naye Pankh Dena Chahti Hu…
Beena kisi Darr kay Befikri Sey…
Main Nanhi Chidiya Ab Bas khushi Sey Udna Chahti Hu…

A Day Will Come..

A day will come when we will get apart
A day will come when you will remain in my heart
A day will come when you will be gone
A day will come when I will walk alone
A day will come when my heart will sink in ocean of tears
A day will come when my heart will break like pieces of mirror
A day will come when destiny will grab my love from me
A day will come when my soul will not be with me
But I always want to say to you
You are my life
You are my love
You are my heart
You are my soulmate
Which no one can replace!

Life! God’s Gift

Sometimes we fall
Sometimes we fail
Sometimes we learn
Sometimes we hate
Sometimes we run away from the situation
But sometimes we fight and face the situation
Sometimes we cry in happiness
Sometimes we smile in pain
But at the end we realize
We all have to live life in all situation
Happily or sadly
So live it, love it And
Create Sweet Memories
B’cos life is Beautiful gift of God!

On my Death Bed

Today I am on my death bed
“I am sorry” the doctor said
His three words stamped the end of my life
Unacceptable to my kids and wife
My journey has ended in this world
In a white sheet I am tightly furled
My mind is alive for a moment
That has a lot to lament
The mistakes i never apologised
The rudeness i never realized
I have hurt sometimes and sometimes i got hurt back
Today I am helpless against this destiny’s attack
Were luxuries, fame and money the real happiness
I got everything but I am not happy i confess
They are not accompanying me with my demise
I loved them so much to my surprise
I was short of time for the people who love me
Self centered I was for them I was carefree
For others pain i never bothered
Now when I am leaving how will I be remembered??

– Surbhi Virmani

Ek khayal

​Mere dil me ek khyaal hai… khyaal boht acha hai….

Sardiyon ki thithurti amavas ki raat me… garam chai ka pyala….

Tere na hone me tere hone ke ehsaas se acha hai….
Mere dil me ek khyaal hai… khyaal boht sacha hai…

Ki samay ka wo wada ki jab chahoge mai tham jaunga….

Tere kiye milne ke jhoothe wade se sacha hai…
Mere dil me ek khyaal hai… khyaal thoda kacha hai….

Ki dil me jo baat hai aaj tujhe bayan kar dun…

Koshish boht karta hun, par irada thoda kacha hai….
Mera dil abhi bacha hai… mera dil abhi bacha hai…
-Sumit Sehgal

विस्फोट हो गया

तूने झाँक के किताब से, जो यूँ प्यार से देखा मुझे।
निर्जीव मेरे दिल में, विस्फोट हो गया।
फैशन नहीँ, ना बाल थे, वो तो इंग्लिशों के जाल थे।
जो देहात का ये लड़का लव में, फ्लोट हो गया।
विस्फोट हो गया।

ना जाने कब किताब से, कैंटीन में जा बैठा में।
निम्बू नहीं ना संतरा, छोटा सा कच्चा कैथा मैं।
फेसबुक ट्विटर पे follow, blind सा करता रहा,
और like like करके like, kind सा करता रहा।
तेरे प्यार के ख्याल से, first year का वो single।
मन ही मन engage में, promote हो गया।
विस्फोट हो गया।

ये तेरे हज़ारों नखरे, वो हर रोज़ मॉल जाना।
वो क्लास बंक करके, घर नोट्स देने आना।
मेरे खून के प्रवाह में, संचार तेरा हो गया।
और अपना जिसे था कहता वो, विचार तेरा हो गया।
फिर second year में मिलाया, भाई के अपने दोस्त से।
जिसे देखते ही competition, tough से cut throat हो गया।
विस्फोट हो गया।

देखता ही रह गया, उस जीव के आकार को।
और mid sem तक सुनता रहा, उनके affair के प्रचार को।
हम तो तार वाले फ़ोन थे, jio ये relience ने बनाये हैं।
ये नीली आँख वाले लड़के, क्या ये science ने बनाये हैं।
वो फर्स्ट ईयर का क्यूट मैं, भोला शांत सा मैं लड़का।
थर्ड ईयर होते होते, मखमल में खोट हो गया।
विस्फोट हो गया।

उदासीनता और नौकरी, बस अब life में मेरी रह गया।
one sided लव की खातिर, आधा उबरा आधा बह गया।
सिगरेट ख़तम है आधी, आज पेग भी मेरा hard है।
क्योंकि हाथ खाली हैं नहीं, उनमें, शादी का तेरे card है।
सोने सा मैं चमकता, माँ बाप का हीरा था मैं।
तेरे प्यार के चक्कर में एक, हज़ारी नोट हो गया।
विस्फोट हो गया।



I am blind since the day I was born,
I can’t see that roses too have some thorn.
I can’t see, but that is no big deal,
Seeing my crooked nose, bad I dont feel.
Well those with eyes got no better luck,
In fickle emotions of appearance, they get stuck.
I don’t have a choice to judge by colour,
White is not bright and black not duller.
Vision is for me no vital sense,
I don’t lose my mind on magnificence.

– Swati Chadha