Let’s Meet

Come, meet me

For a small tête-à-tête

Long, since we had a hearty talk,

Long, since we met.

Work has been keeping us so busy,

We couldn’t keep in touch,

Vacuities of mind,

Occupying mind too much.

Distress of world seems evaporating, as you greet

Over a cup of coffee, come, let’s meet.

Staring into eyes, we will in each other confide,

Furrows on forehead will straighten, sitting by your side.

–  Swati

#Father’s daughter#


Born in this nasty world
With plenty of aspirations.
Solely me – under the day getting fold,
Landed with perspiration.
Lack of bit mud,
grounded on this cursing thud,
down on a day full of scud.
He went back with no noise,
an ambition with lack of rejoice.
Glimpse of sorrow, dreams getting narrow.
“Was he happy,
Or intent to be –
Just because, I am his remorseful second daughter.”

Days getting passed,
Weeks ending quick and fast.
I grew and flew – to the top of grade.
Alphabets gone, classes flown like a classical parade.
“Was he happy,
Or intent to be –
Just because, I am his adolescent second daughter.”

Age getting tall,
Career turning a fall.
Friends and relations,
Were my only creations.
Roaming filthy lame brains,
Shackled them under legal chains.
Just because, of their unhealthy veins.
Fear of disaster-
He tensed quick and faster.
“Was he happy,
Or intent to be –
Just because, I am his teenage second daughter.”

Studies done, earnings come.
Am I a supporting thumb.
Unexpected job – by a female jane.
Proud family, with a precious sane.
“Was he happy,
Or intent to be –
Just because, I am his earning second daughter.”

Love getting blossom,
Life tuning awesome.
Escaping home nights with humane fear,
Spending with friends and all my dear.
Family and relatives – step into matter,
Me and my desires – can’t all they cater.
Gossips all around,
Rumors grow and end down.
“Was he happy,
Or intent to be –
Just because, I am his marriageable second daughter.”

Time to move towards whole new world.
New relations, new emotions
New wishes , new roles
Each being emerging goal on this world.
Embracing the change,
Adhering the lovely waiting pain.
Stepped into an ironic whispering campaign.
Daddy – I will always miss those days
You loved us in all different ways.
“Are you still happy,
Or intent to be –
Just because, I am your never returning second daughter.”


I’m a 10 year old trapped in a body of 20

I’m a 10 year old trapped in a body of 20

20 reasons that I still miss school, climbing monkey bars and skipping school, I’m a 10 year old trapped in a body of 20.

21 times daily when I wake, in 22 awkward positions my mind makes me take, thinking for the first time I learnt to skate, the bruises and falls I used to take, I’m a 10 year old trapped in a body of 20.

23 ways when I used to play, different ball games we friends used to invent in 24 minutes before my parents took me on , against the wishes of my own, remembering crying while going back home. I’m a 10 year old trapped in a body of 20.

When solving math was just child’s play, 25 plus 26 was same as 3 multiplied 17,and watching pokemon was all I used to care, I’m a 10 year old trapped in a body of a 20.

27 different sketches I made, using crayons and pastel colours my mother let me purchase, that gave me a smile which nothing could ever take, I’m a 10 year old trapped in a body of 20. Enough of numbers I say, remembering the sweater my grandmother used to make, for me, ohh yess, for me, which was better than any brand name you could take, I am a 10 year old boy, trapped in a body of a 20.

#Aditya Bhandari

मेरा भगवान्

मेरे अंदर का बच्चा, ही मेरा भगवान् है।
हिन्दू नहीं, मुसलिम नहीं, वो सिर्फ इक इंसान है।
जानता है क्या सही, क्या गलत सब है हो रहा।
उसको ही सरे कर्म की, सबसे अच्छी पहचान है।
मेरे अंदर का बच्चा, ही मेरा भगवान् है।

माना उसमे न समझ सही, ना मोल भाव को जानता।
पर दिल का तो वो साफ़ है, वो फरक नहीं पहचानता।
जिसको ढोंघि समझ, विद्वान ये बुद्धि आगे बढ़ जाती हैं।
उस रंक को दुखी इंसान देखकर, उसमे करुणा भर जाती है।
बिन सोचे वो मदद करे,ऐसा वो नादान हैं।
पर मेरे अंदर का वो, बच्चा मेरा भगवान् है।

हर चीज़ सुहानी उसको, अच्छी यूँ ही लग जाती है।
द्वेष देख ना पाता है, उसकी आत्मा घबराती है।
वो बारिश की बूंदों में, खिलखिला के हंस जाता है।
और देख बाढ़ के दुखद दृश्य, उसका मन घबरा जाता है।
दया भरी उसके मन में, वो मानवता की पहचान है।
वो मेरे अंदर का बच्चा, ही मेरा भगवान् है।

वो जनता नही कौन है अल्लाह, कौन यहाँ पे दूजा है।
उसने तो बस इंसान को देखा, उसकी इतनी सी पूजा है।
वो न चाहे मार काट के, अपने आप को श्रेष्ठ बता जाना।
वो तो बस हंसना चाहे, चाहे सब में वो प्रेम बढ़ाना।
वो सबको इक नज़र से देखे, न जाने कौन महान है।
हाँ मेरे अंदर का बच्चा, ही मेरा भगवान् है।

फिर भी मैं उस बच्चे को, अपने में कहीं दबा दूंगा।
रोज़ लड़ूंगा अपनों से, अपने खुदा को श्रेष्ठ बता दूंगा।
उसकी ज़मीन के लालच में, मैं भाई से छल कर जाऊंगा।
और झूंठी अपनी शान की खातिर, हँसते हंसते मर जाऊंगा।
माफ़ करेगा फिर भी मुझको, इतना वो दयावान है।
वो मेरे अंदर का बच्चा, ही मेरा भगवान् है।


My packet of crayons

Black, Black is my favorite color, I pick it up along with a sheet and draw.. Draw a man, The man of my dreams, I make him wear black pants and blue a shirt I color his hair dark brown And his eyes Eyes, I color them green. And then I pick up red and draw Draw draw draw Myself, wearing a little skirt With a hair band, that is black Hugging him around his waist And smile.

Smile because that is what love meant to me when I was in 8th grade Love was just that packet of crayons And now, now when I grow up I wonder, wonder why do people hate love.. Love, love a word that plays in my mind like a lullaby when its hard to sleep Like the oceans, that sing hymns that make my cells feel the soothe, I don’t understand why, Why why why Why do people hate love? I love pizza I love my favorite earring; I love my mom And I, I love my boyfriend Not to forget I love myself..

They say, they say love happens when the time is wrong Or the person you fall for is wrong otherwise I say love is about you, love is about drawing that picture on the sheet with the colors you want love is about how you feel, love is not about the man who broke your heart Or about the girl who cheated, love is not about anything else but you, you you you while I sit beneath the stars and wait and wait for him to call.. I see how my veins sing poems that cheer me in the most cherubic way, I see how his face glitters while he smiles, I hear his words of love while I bathe While I bathe, and remember how his touch doesn’t leave a chance of my mitochondria to not stimulate the most of its energy, How I breathe faster every time he is near me and my heart; My heart thumps faster than ever before How being around him is like a lady playing the piano for her little kid to dance Dance dance dance Dance in the most graceful…

I don’t know why Why do people hate love? I love it while I order a pizza and wait Wait wait wait Wait till the man rings my doorbell And sees my eyes broad and mouth full of water And how I rush to pay him, So that I can eat it as soon as I can And how much I want to enjoy the cheese’ That would fall on my t-shirt If I dare to talk, or use my phone while I eat I don’t know why, Why why why Why do people hate love? Because I see my mom, My mom who looks after me while cooking the rotis Not caring about her hands that burn Burn burn burn But care if I don’t fall over that spilt water that is not yet mopped How she makes sure that I eat when I am at work Even though I have shouted on her a hundred times for not disturbing me I don’t know why, Why why why Why do people hate love? Because I see my friends, my friends who make fun of me while I fall But push the one who tries to make me fall I see, See see see How they make sure that I do well in my exams while I wish not to study Because I just broke up with my boyfriend I know, how much do they care while I need them And they stop Stop all that they are doing for I am more important I don’t know why Why why why Why do people hate love? When the best feeling of peace and pleasure is while you make love While he makes sure his heart beats so fast that I hear them Hear them play in the most rhythmic way while he lays on the bed Over me, and smiles Smiles while he sings those songs of love While we lay naked looking into each other’s eyes And makes sure, makes sure that nothing distracts me But him, and just him, He creates the kind of an ambience that makes me forget how it is not to breathe Breathe breathe breathe But just love He makes sure I don’t hate love Like others do, I don’t know why Why why why Why do People hate love? When I see a little kid offering water to the needy when I see the lovers hand in hand while they walk through the roads when I see people reading love stories and smile when I see people talking about it and feeling feeling every ounce of it to its deepest I don’t understand why, Why why why People hate love? Maybe because I am lucky enough to feel it around and tell Tell and shout and yell and affirm Love is not something you should hate but love Love is something you should love Because love is not limited to a man or a thing, or an animal or anything Love is about that packet of crayons that you can color your sheet with the way you want. Love Is about you You you you And just you, my dear

– Aarti Motiani


तुम्हारी हर चीज़ आज भी तुम्हारे कमरे में ज्यों की त्यों रखी है,
तुम्हारे तरीके आज भी, इस घर में उस ही तरह निभाए जाते  हैं,
तुम्हारी वो पसंदीदा कुर्सी पर, अब भी और कोई कहाँ बैठता है,
अब इस घर में हम अकेले रहते हैं, पर दीवारों पर जो रंग है, वो आज भी तुम ही चुनती हो,
खिलौने, कपड़े, किताबें और सजावट का सामान,
अब भी तुम्हारे होने का एहसास दिलाते है,
हो सकता है तुम बहुत खुश हो, अपने नए घर को इस जैसा बनाने में,
अपने नये साथी के संग नयी दुनिया बसाने में।
या शायद डरती हो की कहीं तुम्हारी वापसी हमारे जीवन में दुःख के बादल न ले आये।
या तुम्हारे पापा की जमा पूँजी कहीं इस दहेज़ में व्यर्थ न हो जाये,
बेटी, लौट आना अगर तुम्हे वहां कोई प्यार नहीं देता,
लौट आना अगर तुम्हे कोई प्रताड़ित करता हो,
लौट आना।
दुनिया की कही बातों को सोच, वहीँ रुक ना जाना।
ये आँगन बाहें फैलाये तुम्हारा स्वागत करेगा।
तुंहारी तकलीफ से तुम्हारे संग लड़ेगा।
दिखा देना अपनी हर सहेली को, कि ब्याह कर के
लड़की मोहताज नही बन जाती,
माँ बाप की छाती पर बोझ नहीं बन जाती।
काश हर बेटी ऐसे ही अपने आशियाने में लौट पाती,
दहन नही होती, मार नही दी जाती।
तुम बन जाना एक नमूना और फिर से एक दुनिया बसा लेना।
चुप मत रहना, हमें बस एक आवाज़ लगा लेना।


Silently You Have Entered In My Life..
Silently Your Compatible Love Has Stolen My Heart..
Silently You have Filled love In My Lonely Heart..
Silently My Heart Have Accepted Your Love…
Silently Your Words Have Given Me
The Bond Of Care..
Silently I Want To Say..
Be Mine till Eternity..

The Unguarded Child

I am my own parent,
I fend for myself,
I learn on my own,
I teach myself,
On verge of quitting,
I beseech myself.
I fall, I fail,
Then get up and dust myself,
And start a new assail,
I wipe my tears myself,
I introspect, observe my flaws,
I scold myself,
Dealing with the hostile world,
I go wild,
But I rein myself,
God needed parents of this forlorn child,
Everyday I explain myself.

– Swati


Shh… it’s  a secret,
Never have I said it to you.
How come everyone knows this secret then?
Well may be, they read it in my eyes, when I was looking at you,
They construed your presence in my words,

May be, inadvertently I called them by your name.
I observe you so intently, that you reflect in my gestures,
You fragrance has become mine as well.
Though I have never put it in words,
Still the world know, do you know it too?


– Swati



When I lost My Path In Darkness…
You Became My Friend
The Light In My Life…
When I Fall Down As A Failure…
You Became My Friend
The Guide Of My Success…
When My Heart Broke In Pain..
You Became My Friend
To Fill Love In My Heart..
When I Lost Trust Over Me
You Became My Friend
To Show Confidence In Me..
When I Am Sad And My Eyes Full Of Tears..
You Became My Friend
The Reason Of Happiness In My Life..
When Everyone Criticized Me..
You Became My Friend
To Change My View Towards Life…
You Were Always Beside Me
To Support Me In Every Stage Of Life..
In True Words You Define Me The Meaning Of ”Forever’